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In my work with leaders, managers and specialists it is my task to get the clients to ask the right questions, to challenge limiting beliefs and practices, to find support, to notice and measure their progress and to dare to explore the unknown with curiosity and laughter.

I work well with creatives and contrarians, helping them to set goals that are at the same time both outrageous and attainable – and then get there.

Ranja Koverola
Communication Consultant, Coach ACC

Ranja Koverola
Communication Consultant, Coach ACC

Bachelor of Performing Arts, (2005)
Helsinki Polytechnic

Final project: Cookbook of a Drama Consultant – The use of Drama Methods in New Working Environment
Supplementary Education

  • Neuropsychiatric Coach, Porstua (2022)
  • Group and Team Coaching, Finnish Coach Federation (2020)
  • Discharging of a Mentally Impaired Employee, Eduhouse, (2017)
  • Clean Language for Coaching, TrainingAttention (2015)
  • ICF approved ACSTH training program:
    The Competent Coach, Global Coach Trust (2012)
  • ICF approved ACSTH training program:
    The Coach Practitioner, Global Coach Trust (2012)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (2012)
  • SES: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse, Crimson Circle Advanced Studies (2012)
  • NoviCraft Trainer of Facilitators Certificate (2010)
  • NoviCraft Facilitator (2009)
  • NLP Practitioner (2009)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) qualified administrator (2008)
  • Coaching Diploma by Finnish Coach Federation (2007)
  • Education Program for International and Ecumenical Affairs, Finnish Ecumenical Council (1996)
  • University of Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (1995)
  • International Training Course for Young Leaders, European Fellowship (1994 ja 1995)


  • International Coach Federation ICF Finland
    • President 2015
    • President-elect 2014
    • Member of the board 2012-2013
    • Member 2012-
  • NLP Association of Finland 2010-
  • Outomo Cooperative
    • President of the board
      2009 – 2011, 2012 – 2013
  • Finnish Enneagram Association 2008–2010
  • Finnish Coach Federation
    • Member of the board 2007-2009
    • Member 2006-

Honors & Awards

  • Trainer in Charge of the Diploma Course in Coaching, Finnish Coach Federation 2008–
  • Taivaannaula ry, Founding Member 2007
  • Representative of Finland in the Council of Europe seminar The Role Of Young Artists In Civil Society 1999
  • Linda Award 1998 – Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Live-Action Roleplay

Speaking Engagements

  • Solmukohta 2016 – International Nordic LARP Conference, 2016
    Introvert friendly workshops – How not to permanently damage your shy friends in the workshop icebreakers (In English)
  • ICF On Tour Conference, 2015
    Opening Speech in ICF On Tour Finland (In Finnish and English)
  • ICF Philadelphia Member Event, 2015
    Body as a Measuring Tool – Physical and Action-based Methods in Coaching (In English)
  • ICF Finland Member Event, 2013
    Action Based and Drama Methods in Coaching (In Finnish)







I’ve worked with various executive coaches over decades and across continents. Ranja combines disarming respect and honesty with professional methods of self-realization, and insightfully cuts to the heart of your issues. I would always trust Ranja when I have to recalibrate my inner compass, snap out of excuses of the daily grind, face the hard questions, rethink my own priorities, and change.

Teemu Vilen, CEO, Co-founder, Reforged Studios


When the work goes well and judging by the hours it would seem I have two full time jobs, it’s easy to lose perspective. Without my agent my schedule and finances would be a mess. Without Ranja I would be a mess. Out of these two, Ranja is more important. When you keep in mind what you are working for and what you want to accomplish, even bigger challences become easily manageable.

Johanna Koljonen, Speaker, Critic, Author


Ranja has the rare skill of listening that enables me to see myself from a bird’s eye view. Her poignant questions pierce to the core of the feelings and situations I am describing, leading me to evaluate and develop my behaviour accordingly. Ranja is a genuine and warm person, my very own Super Coach!

Johanna Bluemink, Ph D, Assistant Professor,
Oulu Business School


Ranja Koverola is wonderfully flexible and perceptive coach, with an amazing range of tools. She has been the midwife to many of the key insights that have led to the main turning points in my career. I feel like I have been able to better recognize my strengths and put them to proper use with Koverola’s proficient and trustworthy guidance.

Nuppu Stenros, CEO
TV Journalist & Producer


I loved Ranja Koverola’s article on “Enchanted Indifference” both for her thoughts and the beautiful English she uses to express them. “Impressed without assumption” and “wonder at client’s miracles without added meaning” (Koverola, 2012) – really struck home. Ranja is an amazing person and the depth she brings to conversations and her sensitivity and respect of people just left me spellbound.

Lina Nangalia, PCC,
CEO of Global Coach Trust


Ranja’s warm but structured coaching style forced me to develop better skills and tools for both my personal and working life, that have been immensely valuable ever since. Ranja’s perceptive and subtle questions went right through my excuses, helping me to find creative ways of thinking and new channels of expression.

Alex Tuomi
Metal Artisan, Silversmith


Ranja brings a coaching perspective, full of energy and performance knowledge to the creation of her presentation. She led an informative, invigorating and engaging evening that our members enjoyed.

Elizabeth C. Hechtman, MS, PCC, CPCC
President, ICF Philadelphia


Book dedication:
“Ranja Koverola – my coach at the time of writing, an amazing and wonderful creator of insights”

“After the Storm – the Best Practices of Leadership in the Aftermath of Economic Depression”
Tapani Rinne