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Do you want results?

I’ll help you to set your phasers to awesome and reach the goal you have set for yourself.

Looking for new horizons?

Exceptional thoughts require extraordinary thinking. I’ll help you to notice the everyday surprises and the attraction of opposites.

Do you reach for the impossible?

We don’t know how far we can go until we try. Do you want to find out? I’m game if you are!


When to contact Ranja?


When your issue won’t budge

“My business’ biggest obstacle is in my head and I can’t seem to change that. I’ve tried everything! Consulting offered solutions that did not apply to my situation. I don’t really need more training and besides no amount of knowledge will really address my issues. My coach is good and I have gained new insights, but words don’t really seem to reach the core of the problem.”

The issues that most need coaching are rarely fixed on the level of the mind. The most inconvenient blocks on our way are usually our own beliefs and emotions, and in those areas words are not very effective at all.

It can be hard to admit we have a professional block that is inside our heads, but it’s more common than you’d think. Limiting beliefs are something we have all struggled with.

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When you want to get your team from frustration to functional

We often find our teammates to be incomprehensible at best, impossible at worst.
Many specialist managers have a sneaking suspicion the team members are being dense on purpose.

Not true!

It’s just that we are very fluent in our own language, not other people’s languages.

It is the responsibility of the speaker to get through to the listener. Use the words and language they are comfortable with.

Get a Human-Human dictionary!